The old Guarneri violin 

A violin that has seen life and death; has heard the echoes of many souls and had traveled the world; – time and space within the dreams of those who have heard it, touched it, played it or simply imagined what happiness or sorrow it could bring to them. From its birth in the late 18th. century by a student in the Guarneri school it has been a teaser; a loud expressive stunner, yet cautious in its choices of partners and who’s fingers lay upon her.

For over 250 years this instrument of utter emotional evocation has claimed its victims subtly and expertly. It has devoured the souls of many yet breathed life and spirit into many others. 

Her last dance partner Robert Korda wondered of the after life to his moments end whether they will meet again in the after life and dance in a crowd of frenzied listeners as they so many times did in this life.

Finally this instrument of life and death has found its way into my private quarters and i sit there bewildered as to what other beautiful surprises life has behind the stages curtains and will this instrument be a part of it….and what will the little hair ball in it have to say about it!!!

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