Beauty untouched…the snow that covered the driveway, sidewalk and steps, laying its cold cheeks on branches, hanging onto wires, dripping off roofs and showing the footsteps of squirrels, scurrying from trees to trees.

Like a soft woolly blanket, white and beautiful, yet icy cold to the touch, winter is here. “With every season that brought its beauty,” I thought, remembering the soft crunch under my winter boots, the light touch as my gloved fingers acted as wipers, running across the abandon box, covered like a snow gift, waiting to be touched.

Looking up, to eyes so warm, with fires of love, I pulled my scarf closer, thinking to myself, “I could never be cold ever again, for in the haystack, I finally found the needle.” I am truly blessed to have found my love.

Written by Nalinie Najem…January 15th, 2020