Yesterday seemed centuries away, as the once packed highway spelled of untold stories. Closed shutters, desserted pavements, empty shelves, combined with confused expressions…sparked reality. For there is yet tomorrow, which held uncertainty, as the ticking sounds of seconds matched racing heartbeats.

Dark clouds rumbling overhead, tugging at each other, as they looked down. Raindrops fighting against wipers, as though the battle had only just begun. Empty churches, offices, stores. What was once taken for granted is now an experience.

Tears trickled down as distance rolled on and on…my babies I cuddled once, was so far away. “One more day, week or months?” I wondered, praying silently, as my eyes flickered open with the deafening sounds of thunder followed by flashes of lightening. “A sure test! lesson learnt,” I whispered to myself, before sliding off the bed.

Written by Nalinie Najem…March 23rd, 2020