The Law of Opposites; A Thought!

A thought


This is not an opening doorway to an argument nor is it an attempt to prove anything one way or another; it is simply the brief summary of an interlaced
multi-sequential never ending imaginatively observed realizations of what may or may not be. First of which is the fact that we as humans (as I can not speak for animals) are unable to explain that which may be forbidden to us to explain, we lack the language, the patience and the lifespan required to do so. If and when one of us has a glimpse of the true beyond of the metaphysical world meaning the environment in which it all exists we loose the capacity to explain it instantly. As if what is within can only exist WITHIN and what is WITHOUT is in every way forbidden for obvious reasons.
This brings some of us to the necessity of creating somewhat  obscure but almost identifiable powerful entities to give relief to the mass minds demanding answers and most times violently or with extreme aggression or in other ways.
It brings us to creating languages, mathematics, imagery and other means to give those with an inability to comprehend the complexity of it all a simpler less strain-full means to understand in their limited capacity what we wish them to understand.
Thus came into play methods of a limited humanistic way to controlling what was thought of as chaos and give an imaginary purpose to those who didn’t see any.
Gods of every size color and shape, both physical and non physical were and still are the easiest way to bridge a gap between what we can understand and what we cannot. Then there are prophets, spiritual leaders and guides, then there is science and mathematics which are universal languages built on basic formulas and numbers that grow with a confined system or a mathematical grammar in order to maintain their legitimacy.
We the sentient beings here on planet earth live in what we perceive as the metaphysical universe; that is made of energy translated into atomic matter or anti-matter. We have an understanding of what is countering forces to an extent; meaning the fundamental law of opposites or positive-negative. All of science in fact if we pay close attention all of all can be broken down to those laws. both in imagination and physical.
Examples; for something to be moving there has to be something standing still. For something to be hot there has to be something cold. For the ability to be god there has to be worshipers; the size and power of the god depends on the number of worshipers. For someone to be good there has to be someone bad to compare to.
for someone to be fat there has to be someone skinny, and so on, the more we think about this the more we understand that this is an undeniable fact of all in the metaphysical existence.
This also applies to energies and forces of gravity, light and dark, colors and even imagination is based on those same rules. These opposites become very complex and their variables can be broken down so extensively that the human mind can not handle the calculations and formulations required. Yet they are simply contraries; another example for something to be extremely simple there has to be something extremely complex as well as for something to be eternally large and vast the exact opposite of infinatly small.
Between all those opposites resides the in-betweens; as an example; between Einstein’s intellectual abilities and say a grade 3 adult graduate who can only count up to 10  there are billions of mind levels. Between black and white are billions of shades

of grey and so on.
Thus we come to a series of questions of existence; one of the is:The constantly moving metaphysical universe lives in the “UNKNOWN, UNDEFINED” non-existence that is always standing still or the moving universe can not be and not moving at all.
These observations should in themselves awaken a neuron in the mind and guide us somewhere to be able to see more and understand more and perhaps someday that which is forbidden by the “WITHOUT” can for a moment give us a glimpse of what we all are so curious about.

Lets say:
“One half of a whole; say part black part white or other characteristics. That in turn is the half of another whole with its color or characteristics being the negative of the combination of these two colors or other characteristics. Now that whole is also the half of yet another whole with its color or characteristics being the negative of the combination of these colors or other characteristics, and so on and so on. Now imagine as these wholes become increasingly smaller or increasingly larger depending on your point of view; imagine there was yet another element such as a third component in the construct of the wholes, and yet another characteristics such as frequency or orbital cycle and multi-directional vectors and so on. Imagine if you may that this phenomena is infinitely continuous both inwards growing smaller and larger. Imagine yourself already there yet having absolutely no vision or knowledge of these parts of or connections until this exact moment; what is it your imagination would reveal to you????”


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