Life…A vision, a journey, a time that travels on of what we make of it. Eyelids that flicker open as the rays of sunrise reflect on window shades, ponder on what lays ahead. A new day, another beginning of a chapter, a prayer within the heart.

A mixture of bliss, anxiety, gratitude, for every second is new, leaving behind the past as it drifts on from seconds to seconds. Tomorrow which seeems far away, has begun, leaving behind yesterday…a certainty, tomorrow… an anxiety and today, challenges upon challenges of emotions.

A sacrifice that tears at the heart that blossoms with the love, which makes it stronger and stronger. It was and will always be the ‘Circle of Life.’ What once was, could not always remain the same, for each second, life unfolds pages upon pages.

Written by Nalinie Najem…January 12th, 2020