YEAR OF 2020

The new year of 2020 has begun, leaving behind trails of anxiety, pain of sacrifices and moments of confusion. Supported by a strength stronger than imaginable, a love that inspired, I travelled through it all as the greatest warrior would, facing an entire army.

I have learnt that by true love and support, there are no challenges beyond your capability. Looking back at the once weak soul, that craved love and attention, appreciation and companionship, where the mere presence of a spouse was luxery… a soul was born.

A new beginning…sunshine, flowers blooming, buds resting its cheeks on soft leaves, snow flakes, raindrops, a goublet of happpiness that filled to the top then began to overflow, spreading as a stream, fresh in its overlapping waves, touching stones and rocks, sand and tumbling seashells of different colors and shapes.

The parting of clouds as rainbows stretched its colors beyond and beyond, searching for the end. Wonders unfold layers upon layers.

What was once a question, “who am I?” or “am I enough?” is now a confidence born from inner strength and pure happiness, discovered by true love, to face the year of 2020 with head held high, shoulders straight and heart strong. Love that poured beyond comprehension for the one person who made me found ‘me,’ my husband, my love, my best friend and my companion to the end.

With the soft blanket of love from my husband, children and grandchildren, that softly covers me at night, tucks under my chin in the morning and keeps me warm always, I am now ready to face the world, proud of who I am and what I stand for, my principles of humbleness, kindness and unselfish love.

For me, my amazing and wonderful husband, beautiful children and grandchildren… A Healthy Happy 2020.

Written by Nalinie Najem…January 6th, 2020